Frequently Asked Questions

Here's a list of the various question we've been asked.

Q: Is this website free?

A: Yes, it is free to use and free to view as many menus as you need. Member Accounts are free to create too, allowing you to add you favourite takeaways to your Favourites list.

Q: Got the menu - how do I order the food?

A: Some of our restaurants have web-links straight through to their online ordering website, simply click the link and orders away. Otherwise, simply orders as you would if you were using the paper-menu normally.

Q: Will this work on my mobile phone?

A: Assuming you have a smart-phone with an internet connection with data plan or Wi-Fi connectivity, then yes.

Q: Is this website the same as 'Just-Eat' and 'Hungry House'?

No. We list ALL restaurants in an area, not just those that are signed up to a deal. Plus, we display the Food Hygiene rating for ALL places on our listings so that you, the customer, can make a more informed choice of venue.

Q: What happens if my local takeaway changes their menu?

A: We try our best to get another menu online asap, so that you're always using the latest and most up-to-date takeaway menu.

Q: I own/work at a takeaway restaurant, but it's not listed - how do we get on there?

A: Let us know! The sooner you let us know, the sooner we'll start advertising your restaurant and menu.

Q: If I sign up using my Facebook account, can you see and/or post messages to my timeline?

No. And we don't want to either.

Q: We run a takeaway and want to get onto the Special Offers page - can we do that?

A: Yes, and we'd like you to. Use the email address on the Contact Details screen, and we'll get in touch asap.

Q: What if I find a problem or 'bug' with the website?

Drop us an email an let us know. The email address is on the Contact Details screen.