About us


The Menu Pile started off as a lazy way to access my favourite takeaway's menu from my mobile phone, and later evolved into the online, database-driven website that it is now.

On a couple of occasions, we would think about getting a takeaway on the way home from somewhere, but have to use brain-power to remember which menu dishes were which, which ones we liked and so on. So, I simply scanned the menu, converted it into a simple PDF and saved it onto my phone.

This worked ok, until a couple of weeks later, the menu changed. Me being me, I wanted the latest menu, and to have it on my phone.

Then, my parents asked about how they had access to the same menus, which made me think that this needed to be a simple, single-paged website with links to the few takeaways that we used.

And that's when I got carried away, and now it's a Cloud-based, database-driven, super hi-tech, mobile-responsive website.

Since then, two of my buddies, Graham and Jonathan, have joined the team and together we're working to make it even bigger, better and reach more people/places across the UK.

Hope you enjoy it.



Website use

The aim, from day 1 of this project, was to make it "free for anyone and everyone to use". By that, we mean that anyone can use the website to find out about their local takeaways and get access to their menus (where available!).

All menus are available for free to download and use as frequently as you'd like.

AND they're free to be updated by takeaways/restaurants too. Visit the 'Send us your menus (please)' page to find out more.

Other items

  • We're going to try to keep the menus up-to-date as/when the restaurants change them.
  • We're hoping to gather more and more menus, either in person or otherwise, to add to the website.
  • We're hoping to keep boring people with it, to make sure that people remember that it's there, ready and waiting for them.