Pile Points

"What are they and why do I care?"

What are Pile Points?

A Pile Point is a token of our appreciation, that we at The Menu Pile give you in exchange for you doing something. They are just 1s and 0s at the end of the day and no monetary value to them, but they can be good fun.

How do I get some Pile Points?

Below, we have three ways that you can earn Pile Points. How many you earn is entirely up to you! But are you a Top Piler? Only the 20 Best Pilers make it onto the Top Pilers.

What are Pile Points used for?

At present, these are glory points. Points that show your commitment to The Menu Pile cause. But soon, you'll be able to trade them in for goodies, such as discount on your takeaways.

Points for different things

There are a few different ways that you can earn Pile Points for, such as:

Submitting menus

The number one way to earn Pile Points, is to send us your takeaway menus. The more you send, the more Pile Points we give you.

Leaving feedback

If you've had a meal from a takeaway restaurant, why not leave some feedback? This helps the restaurants know what you like but also gives other people a hint as what to expect.

Telling your friends

We want more people to know about our little website. So, we'll give you points everytime someone registers that you've recommended.