Privacy Policy

When you create an account on The Menu Pile, we collect only the information needed to help you.

Types of data we collect

Contact details

When you register on The Menu Pile website using a Facebook/Google/Microsoft account, we collect your display name, an email address and a search post code. We do not have/want access to your password. Instead we get given a secure token that proves you're logged in with them, and that we trust them on this.

If you filled out the form to make an account directly with us, we also store a hashed (not encrypted!) version of your password, but we stress at sign-up that this should not be a password that you use anywhere else.

Financial information

If you use the online ordering, we will ask for your card number, sort code and expiry details, but we do not store these; these are securely stored by our payment gateway, and only masked information is returned when we request it.

Data that identifies you

If you use the online ordering, we store your IP address, as this is used in case of fraud.

Sensitive data

We do not collect any sensitive data about you, such as your date of birth.

Children's data

We do not collect any data about children. The Menu Pile website is targetted at those interested in takeaway food.

Where do we store the data


All of our data about restaurants, their location, hygiene rating, etc are stored in a database, held and managed by experts (not ourselves) in Microsoft's Cloud. Access to this database is restricted, physically and electronically.


Details about your order are also in our Cloud-based database. This contains your choice of food in your order, and your collection/delivery preferences.

Card information

We do not store credit/debit card data at all, and nor do we want to. All card information is stored securely at our payment gateway provider, Paypal, within their Vault. We do not have access to your data, and when we do request your card details for your reference, we only see a masked version of it, i.e. 5555 **** **** 4444.

How and why we use your data


With your consent, we hope to send you useful emails about new features, products and services offered by The Menu Pile.


We tried but didn't like using external adverts on The Menu Pile website, so we have removed them all.

How we secure the data we collect

We work to protect all of the data that we hold about you, the takeaway restaurants and more.

Please remember

The data we have about you, is data that you have given us, and this is done at your own risk. No data transmission is guaranteed to be 100% safe and secure.

You are responsible for the choice of email address, display name and password. We advise in using strong passwords that have not been used elsewhere.

If you believe your account has been compromised, please let us know and we will help to secure your account.

Your privacy choices and rights


With your consent, we hope to send you useful emails about new features, products and services offered by The Menu Pile.

Sharing of data

We do not share data with any organisation outside of The Menu Pile.

Our use of Cookies

We use cookies on The Menu Pile, in order to help make your use of the website easier.

Block cookies

As an internet user, you have full control of your browser to block cookies, either directly in the browser or using an third-party app. Blocking our cookies will mean that we're not able to save/retrieve them, but will mean that you're constantly asked for your search post code, and distance radius, for instance.