Send us your menus and collect Pile Points!

We want takeaway menus from across the UK. Whether it's England, Northern Ireland, Scotland or Wales, we'd simply LOVE you if you were to send them into us. In exchange, we'll give you *at least* 50 Pile Points for each menu you send in!

What's a Pile Point? We'll tell you...

If you've got a menu that we haven't, or if yours is newer than ours, send it over to us and we'll get it online for the rest of the UK to use.

Here's how

Don't forget to tell us your Menu Pile account email address, so that we can allocate your Pile Points to you!

Next step

Every menu we process, whether it has been emailed in, or if we've scanned it, gets a little TLC from our Photoshop process. We clean up any blips, straighten up (as best we can) any wonky shots and then get the 'menu images' into being a 'menu PDF', ready to get uploaded to the site.

And more importantly, you'll be a 'Menu Super Hero' to us, forever and a day!


Send us your menu, and we'll use it. If you have a PDF version of your menu already (possibly from your printers), or a paper-based version - either way, it's better than NOT having your menu up here!

Simply follow the same instructions above and get your menu into us, sooner rather than later.